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Is nothing sacred? Apple Watch Erotica?!

Is nothing sacred? Apple Watch Erotica?!


For anyone who knows what this means, you will know that there is a whole world of weird erotica out there.

For those of you that don’t…

What I hadn’t seen before was tech porn and I’m not talking about vibrators and dildo’s. What we have here is a sub section of erotic literature based around technology and devices that were definitely not designed for use in sexual escapades.

Even stranger, tech porn erotica. That’s right ladies [perhaps a little sexist, but I am yet to find a man who will admit to getting aroused when reading a sex scene from one of Anne Rice’s novels] for those of us who get off on words rather than graphic images there is now a completely accessible literary version of this weirdass fetish.

Somewhat of a veteran in this field is one Leonard Delaney.

Leonard delaney

In his latest outing into this genre, Leonard Delaney explores the wonders of the latest Apple offering, the iwatch. He takes this seemingly innocent of products and turns it into a hot and steamy device of erotica. Yes! Apple watch erotica!

iwatcherotica apple watch erotica

And having read a few extracts, I’d just like to say, this is not your soft porn bosom heaving stuff, this is some serious hard core erotica. Not for the faint hearted or the weak of will.

Check out his offerings in the Amazon Kindle store.

Originally sourced from Gizmodo

The guy seems to have it down though, he can churn out this ‘literature’ in about a week and rakes in about $1,000 a month. Not bad work if you can get it.

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