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Day 14

“Oh no I missed it”


“It’s ok, technically you’ve only missed it in England. In New York it’s still 7 O’clock in the evening”

“Yay… ok here it is guys”

Did you know… New Zealand celebrates Christmas almost a full day before New York (a whopping 18 hours to be precise, ok… give or take a bit). But considering that fact; those down under were actually late comers to the celebration of Christmas. The first official Christmas down under was celebrated in 1788. Us Brits had already had it banned at least once by then. And, the chance of a ‘white christmas’ in either New Zealand or Australia in almost next to nothing. But hey, some years I’d kill to have an xmas barbie on the beach!

“So you see… you weren’t late after all!”

“Well that depends, I was over 12 hours late for the Aussies but still had over 6 hours to go for our friends up in chilly Canada.”

“Now there’s two extremes i’d like to try… christmas in Australia (BBQ on the beach) and christmas in Canada (eggnog by the fire), strange to think that we all celebrate at the same time (give or take 24 hours), how confused must Santa be – bermuda shorts and wooly hats at the ready.”

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