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Placenta Teddy, your baby’s new best friend

Placenta Teddy, your baby’s new best friend


I’ve seen some weird products in my time. But somehow when you think about baby products you don’t think about organs being hacked up and sewn together to form plush toys. And if you do, you may well be reading this from a hospital of some sort. But that is exactly what this is. The Placenta Teddy.


placenta teddy bear, fun for all the family. Right up 'til hospitalisation

This is only marginally better than my first thought when someone said placenta teddy but then in a world with Lady Gaga anything is possible.


My sister had this to say:


“When exactly would I get the time, after being released from hospital with a newborn, to sit down and sew together my placenta? Oh and EWWWW!”


So if you would like your very own placenta teddy all you need to do is… well I guess you have to get pregnant. Then wait 9 months, get a sewing kit and a pattern, hack up the placenta, cover it with salt wait a while, add tannin and egg yolks to soften and sew it together. Simples.


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