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RIP Mr Superglue

RIP Mr Superglue

Dr Harry Coover has died aged 94. 

Who on earth is Harry Coover I hear you say. Most people would never have even heard of Harry Coover and yet the product he ‘accidentally’ invented is a household name.

Super Glue

And how was this wonder product invented? That’s right, like an awful lot of good inventions in the 20th century, it was invented/discovered through military research. Originally it was supposed to be a substance for use on a precision gun sight. Instead it is used in almost every household in the western world and has been adapted for use not only in industry but also in medicine. 

One of the great inventors of the 20th Century has left us. He will be missed. 

On the plus side… now you know who to curse when you get your fingers stuck to …well… just about everything in sight. 


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