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Roger Rabbit 2?

Roger Rabbit 2?

Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and Bob Hoskins

I watched some films over Christmas, well, actually loads of films and one that I hadn’t seen in a while was “Who framed Roger Rabbit”. I immediately thought it was strange that such a classic film* wouldn’t get a sequel. Especially considering at the moment there seems to be a sequel for anything there can be. Eg; Spiderman, Transformers, Batman, there’s actually 24 “Fast and Furious” films now. They’d make Titanic 2 if they could. But no Roger Rabbit?

Now I didn’t realise Roger Rabbit was based on a book, but It was! and there is a sequel to that book, so that can’t be the problem. I continued to look into it thinking that now would be a good time to see a come back, especially with the who 3D “thing” being big now. And finally I discovered that there is a script in the works!

That’s right, it’s coming. In 3D. But basically what this all comes down to is this:

Jessica. Rabbit. 3D


1998 Roger Rabbit 2 test footage after the break.

*well perhaps not classic in a “Classic” way, but everyone has heard of it and Jessica Rabbit is iconic.

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