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You think your farts are deadly!?

Let me introduce you to the Bombardier Beetle.

Beetle which farts

The Bombardier beetle is the name given to almost 500 species of ground beetle. It looks like many other beetles and apparently can be found on all continents (with the exception of Antarctica – because, let’s face it, who would choose to live out in the freezing cold? About 5,000 people at research stations and several species of hardy animal live in this ice desert, apparently ????) and it likes warm and moist climates. (don’t we all – teehee).

The most fascinating thing about this beetle is its defence mechanism. When attacked, it ejects a boiling hot poisonous substance from its bum. That’s right, it farts boiling hot chemicals!

So when someone tries to tell you that your farts are lethal, point them in the direction of the Bombardier Beetle, an insect who has used evolution to its advantage.

Next time someone asks me what superpower I would like, farting boiling hot acid is going to be my first choice, I can’t believe Marvel or DC haven’t thought of this one already;

Bombardier Boy “When the going gets tough, his farts get lethal”. ☠️????


How does it work?

The Bombardier beetle carries two different chemicals in chambers within its body, when it is in danger, a valve between the chambers is opened and the two chemicals are combined, these are then forced at high speed along a tube, an enzyme is released at the end of this tube which ignites these chemicals and results in them being farted out at a whopping 100˚C. If that isn’t a cool superpower, then I don’t know what is!

Theories go that this beetle has evolved this defence mechanism by using chemicals compounds within its own shell. Many animals are poisonous when eaten, but this beetle has been pro-active about its defence and evolved it’s own body parts to weaponise its farts.

The Youtube video below, courtesy of Deep Look, gives you a detailed visual explanation.



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