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Advent Calendar Day 1

Regardless of what you may think, the humble advent calendar is a relatively young Christmas tradition. Although people began counting down the days till Christmas many many centuries ago, most of them used chalk marks on a door or a candle for every day of advent (what a waste of wax). The first actual advent calendar on record was made in 1851, a mere 158 years ago and printed ones didn’t appear until almost 60 years later.


Today everyone from Top Gear to Jamie Oliver has their own advent calendar, hell ‘Youtube’ even host some on its site. And they’re not just for children… in my searches I have found; the whiskey and beer advent calender (every day has a different whiskey or beer to be sampled). The condom advent calender (a different style or flavour on each day and this year the ‘Metro’ even has a Meat advent calendar…

Check it out

Always remember… you’re never too old to have an advent calendar!

Who’s on yours?

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