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Day 2: Christmas is BANNED!

Should probably get this out of the way early on so as not to bring everyone down nearer the day, but unfortunately Christamas. Is BANNED.

Or that’s what you would have heard in England in 1647 when the English parliament passed a law making Christmas ILLEGAL! This joyous occasion was brought about by Oliver Cromwell, who was a Puritan, and he saw all the festivities, feasts and well… Fun as being immoral. Due to a small fact that it was indeed a “holy” day to celebrate some guy called “Jesus” who drank wine and lived in a Christmas tree or something. But I digress. All the Christmas fun wouldn’t return ’til 1660 when the puritans where ousted, Probably by Father Christmas, Rambo stylee. Probably.

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Luke B

Luke B started life on his day of birth, strangely. He enjoys artistic and creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, 3D graphics, video games and everything else. He builds websites as his day-job and builds personal ones in his spare time. He also likes Lego.

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