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Day 23 – nearly there

Why does Rudolph have a red nose?


There are many many theories as to why this is has occured. Evolution, reindeer alcoholism, some sort of technological advancement that makes Rudolph part cyborg or perhaps the most disturbing but logical of all is that of the reindeer parasite.

This sounds rather disgusting but stay with it…

Reindeers have very intricate nasal passages, these allow the air to warm when entering into the nose and cool when exiting, this allows them to constantly have a dry muzzle. Unfortunately this seems to provide a wonderful home for at least 20 different types of parasitic bug. And this led Od Halvorsen to write a paper, suggesting that Rudolph had a parasitic infection of the respiratory system.

So Rudolph had an infection and that is why his nose glowed red, disgusting right!


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