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I know them from somewhere – Adam Baldwin

I know them from somewhere – Adam  Baldwin

So for all of you that have been following Chuck in his escapades with the CIA, its been bugging me where Casey comes from. I know I’ve seen him before, I know his voice, but where oh where could it be? And then one day I popped ‘Firefly’ in the DVD player, and low and behold, there stood casey in the flesh; still as fun loving and cuddly as ever.

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Now believe it or not, he is not related to the infamous Baldwin brothers, but has appeared in enough TV series and console games to rival their careers. To name but a few; Angel, Firefly, CSI Miami, X files, The Outer Limits, Stargate, NCIS, Full Metal Jacket, Jackie Chan Adventures, Half Life 2, Halo 3 and the new Halo ODST along side Nathan Fillion and Tricia Helfer.

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