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Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are poster

While America has been enjoying the film since Oct 16th all of us UKers have to wait ’til December to join in on the fun! This film looks lovely with a whimsical, fantasy yet naturalistic charm that gives it the kind of Spike Jonze ‘weirdness’ we have come to expect. To get you ready for it here are some links you may find helpful fun.

We can though, take some comfort in the goodies that have come to be expected with most major releases now, in the form of wallpapers, buddy icons and a fairly good (though very large) iPhone app

Trailer and goodies after the break.



Where The Wild Things Are Wallpapers, Buddy Icons, Screensaver and Posters are all HERE

The iPhone/iPod Touch app is HERE

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