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Big idea – Small Houses

Big idea – Small Houses

So recently in the UK weve been struggling with something known as THE RECESSION – you have to say it in a scary voice. Ok while it’s not really localised to the UK it is worse here… because i’m here. And I only care about me.

Ignore this bit if you hate numbers

The problem with the recession is that people can’t afford houses, and this is where the UK has it worse. For real this time. You see we are pretty small as a country. In fact we are 243,610km2 I just worked that out with no help from wikipedia 😐 and while I’m spewing out numbers, we have 62,041,708 people living here, approximately. Which gives us a population density of 254.7/km2 or 659.6/sq mi which is kinda crazy now I think about it. Compare it to the USA who has a 9,826,675 km2 land area, 310,411,000 people and an amazingly huge {sarcasm} 32/km2 or 83/sq mi population density. I give in and bow to thee wikipedia.

No more numbers honest

So now the numbers are out of the way, all I was saying is that there is just not enough space for us all to have a house. Unless some cunning genius came up with… Oh I dunno… THIS!


micro compact house next to smart car

Or if you don’t dig that how about this!?

WeeHouse in a nice snowy setting

Micro compact homes that you can buy. They are absolutely tiny and pretty much fully formed. Sure they don’t have enough space to swing a cat, but does that really matter in these modern non-cat-swinging times?

Some interior pics after the break




Micro compact house


Another outside view of the micro compact house A nice table and seating are for up to 5 people, or 2 americans. I kid ;) All the mod-cons, like a TV... and seating. Did I mention the TV? Interior view again. A nice O2 pillow on the sofa/bed.



Interior of the weehouse, including bed, cupboards, chairs, floors and walls - what more could you want?! weeHouse Kitchen area. With extra storage.

If you’d like to buy either of these featured houses then you can right here:

Micro compact home


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