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iPhone Meat Stylus… Yes MEAT not meet… Duh. Sausage.

iPhone Meat Stylus… Yes MEAT not meet… Duh. Sausage.

iphone sausage stylus

If I got on a train and were met with a load of people wielding sausages,  I would slowly and carefully get back off again, while making sure not to look directly at said wielders. BUT That has become a common site in South Korea at the moment with iPhone owners that don’t want to get their fingers chilly. Or as Engadget puts it

“Apparently snack sausages from the CJ Corporation are electrostatically compatible with the iPhone’s capacitive touchscreen”

Heh… that makes me laugh — electrostatically compatible sausages… that’s great. Apparently sales of them are soaring now. Basically the moral here is; If it’s cold out then there is no need to fear sausage wielding maniacs, ’cause they aren’t maniacs, just clever people with cold glove-covered hands. If it’s warm though… RUN!

iPhone sausage stylus



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