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Mega Piranha

I like films, I like them a LOT! I would even like to make films if I could muster up a budget… So sometimes films make me want to cry, not because I am deeply moved or emotional, but because they make me want to scream at the screen “WHO FUNDED THIS PIECE OF S**T!?!?” Well one such, tear-inducing-cringe-fest is the amazingly well named Mega Piranha… Yeah

For those devoid of taste, feel free to follow this link and become a fan… for the rest here is a template email to send them.

The Asylum



Dear The Asylum,

I am a poor boy from a poor family, spare me my life from this monstrosity. You see the thing is you obviously spend you know money on these films. And I want to know HOW? I mean if i went to the bank and asked for some money to make a film called mega piranha I am fairly certain they would laugh me out of there. I have many film Ideas, perhaps you could give me some money to make a film. i assume you don’t need a script or even a concept in order to finance a film… you know, judging by your other films.

Well anyway, have a good day, but please for the sake of our children, or ME don’t make anymore shite films. please. give the money you would use to make a film and just give it to charity. Or hire a good director. or one good actor. Your next film should just be ONE good actor in a room doing whatever they want… sounds a bit boring but trust me when I say the world would be grateful.

Now I shall slink back into darkness from wence I came, and only return when I am needed again by the people of earth… Or when there is another Mega Piranha film… Perhaps Mega Piranha2: Keep on Bitin’

Mega Piranha2: Piranhas Bit back

Mega Piranha2: Bite back to the future

Mega PiranhaS

Mega Piranha2: Ouch I’ve just been bit by a huge-fuck-off piranha, some might even say MEGA… Yeah  I like that… I’ve been bitten by a huge-fuck-off-mega Piranha… OUCH.

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Luke B

Luke B started life on his day of birth, strangely. He enjoys artistic and creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, 3D graphics, video games and everything else. He builds websites as his day-job and builds personal ones in his spare time. He also likes Lego.

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