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The Asylum strikes again with ‘Almighty Thor’. God Almighty.

The Asylum strikes again with ‘Almighty Thor’. God Almighty.

Almighty Thor

You may remember  a while back I wrote about a film that was from the  the visionary film studio “The Asylum” the studio that brought you such Oscar worthy epics as “Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus”. Well it turns out that The Asylum are pretty clever, beacuse what they do it watch a trailer for a film that’s coming out and then make a film that is essentially the same (well as similar as you can get with no budget for good actors or good special effects.) and release it to rent or buy to coincide with the cinema release of the film it rips off. So guess what’s next on their to-do-list… Thor!

But whereas the Hollywood version is based on a comic of the same name, that was obviously based on the Norse God before that, the Asylum version bypasses the comic and also any copyright infringement. Excellent.

Not only that, but where the Hollywood version is rather blandly named ‘Thor’ The Asylum’s gone for ‘Almighty Thor’. Not bad eh? That must have taken a while. Kudos.

The video of the trailer is embedded after the break for your enjoyment. I use the word loosely. But on the plus side, it’s not like they ripped of something like Battle: Los Angeles and instead called it something like ‘Battle OF Los Angeles’ that would be TOO much. Even for them… Oh, Oh dear.

Battle OF Los Angeles film poster


Almighty Thor Trailer

Battle OF Los Angeles Trailer

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