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Kiwa hirsuta – The Yeti Crab

Kiwa hirsuta – The Yeti Crab

Kiwa-hirsuta - The Yeti Crab

I can imagine that the image would send shivers down the spine of anyone that has any phobia of long legged hairy creatures, and if I were a decent person I would have put a disclaimer that you may not want to view the picture above for said reason… heh… heh…

The Yeti Crab as it has been named is a fairly recent discovery – 2005 in fact. It was found 1,500km south of easter island at a depth of 2,200m living along hydrothermal vents. It has reduced eyes and lacks pigment and is thought to be blind. It is about 15cm (6 inches) long.

It may or may not leave the ocean on a night of an eclipse, turn into a giant and carry virgin maidens to the ocean to settled down with and have some tea.

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