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Greenpeace Naughty or Nice Green List – Apple is winning

Greenpeace Naughty or Nice Green List – Apple is winning

Greenpeace green-o-meter

Greenpeace has been compiling its naughty and nice list of electronics manufacturers scoring them in two separate lists. One list is the company as a whole, taking into account the products and recycling initiative as well as emissions disclosure and so on. The other list is only for green products that contain no harmful chemicals etc. So if you want your next computer to be green what are your choices?




There are few things that see, weird about the list:

Is it really that fair having a company like Nokia who only do mobile phones go up against Toshiba or Apple who have something in every category? And even worse is that sony has 0 stars while Sony Erricson is second from top on the list. Surely the loophole of being a subsidiary is pretty weak. And it becomes more evident on the list which includes all of the business’ “green-ness”.

Nokia is fine where it is, and good on them for being so far ahead, I hope all the others follow suit. Nintendo has already put out a press release off the back of this, probably through embarrassment, and has said it wasn’t particularly fair. And Sony Erricson shouldn’t be that far up when sony itself is near the middle. Cheeky monkeys.

Green products list

Companies list


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