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Stingrays: An Unconventional Love Story

Film is one medium that we, here at Weirdass are passionate about and independent films doubly so. In an industry as challenging as the film industry, it is a wonder anyone not already sporting a Filofax worth of contacts even tries to make it. This of course is where independent film festivals, sites like Patreon, crowd-funding ventures and of course Youtube and Vimeo; play their part in getting these independent and often self funded films to the masses.

One such film that I feel deserves some support is ‘Stingrays: An Unconventional Love Story’.


Fiona Domenica and Jesse C Boyd press shot

Fiona Domenica and Jesse C Boyd press shot

Stingrays is a film which deals with the everyday consequences of child abuse and the affects it has on the adult life of the victims.

Currently in post production Stingrays stars up and coming star Fiona Domenica. It began life as a twenty minute short written by Fiona herself. It has now beed developed into a feature film directed by Heath Franklin and starring the likes of Jesse C Boyd and Scott Parks.

Based on true life accounts, this film promises to be a thought provoking journey through the choices and consequences of adults who have lived through abuse at the hands of the adults meant to be protecting them.

View trailer on Youtube here

The Facebook page for Stingrays is a harsh reminder that child abuse occurs each and every day. It is not only a promotional page for the film, it is also used as a platform to promote awareness of the subject mater and to share the often heart breaking stories of children trapped in loveless, violent relationships with care givers. Several charities have also benefitted from proceeds of local Stingray promotional events. Which just goes to show that Fiona and her production company Fandamy Films are not in this for the money.

Stingrays is clearly a film that is close to the hearts of everyone involved.

Stingrays Fiona Domenica and Jesse C Boyd screen shot

Fiona Domenica and Jesse C Boyd screen shot

Stingrays is due to be aired during at least two film festivals in the next year and screenings of the full feature are due to start in London, LA and Wilmington USA in the coming months.

For more information please follow the Facebook page for Stingrays  (

And don’t forget to come back once the film is released to see the full Weirdass review.

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