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Only Fools and Horses Heads to America

Only Fools and Horses Heads to America

After quickly checking the date and then checking the date was correct and it is not in-fact April first, checking that I’m not dreaming, visiting my psychiatrist to check I am not having a psychotic break of hallucinogenic proportions, I can only assume that this news story is true.

America is remaking ‘Only Fools and Horses’ For REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLZ.

Only Fools and Horses with John Leguizamo

Yeah, the beloved British sitcom was sneakily developed while everyones attention was diverted by the news of ‘Doctor Who’ being in the watchful gaze of the eye of Hollywood.

The role of Del has apparently been cast and it falls to John Leguizamo to fill the shoes. Yeeeeeaaaaaah… He is possibly best known as the voice of Sid in Ice Age but also played Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, you know the modern one? Ok he’s been in loads and you probably know him.

I for one can’t think of anyone closer to the original portrayal of Del-boy, I’m assuming Rodney will be a 300lb bouncer/bodyguard and Uncle Albert, who American test audiences found a bit old, was replaced by a wide-eyed young girl, on the trail of her dreams. I’m kidding. But you know it could happen. o_O

Place bets on whether the Reliant makes it.


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