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Day 24 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.

“What time is Midnight Mass?”

Strange question you would think, however many church’s schedule it for earlier in the evening now-a-days (some as early as 7pm) to allow for people with busy lifestyles (I still can’t manage to fit it in though).

It is your basic Eucharist (mass) service with added carols for that festive cheer. It marks the beginning of Christmas day (the day of Christ’s birth).

There are a vast number of Christmas Eve traditions depending on the country in which you are celebrating. Perhaps the most common in the UK is that of leaving the mince pie and the glass of something (possibly milk, usually something alcoholic) out for Santa Clause. Without fail, upon awakening the children find just crumbs and an empty glass, a sign that Santa has been (or a parent has had an early christmas tipple).

Christmas Eve is basically a day of fun, excitement and anticipation… my heart goes out to all those poor souls who have to travel miles on Christmas Eve, I only hope that you have plenty of festive music and chocolate to keep you merry!


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