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The Toilet of Your Dreams?

The Toilet of Your Dreams?

Kohler Numi 6400 dollar toilet

If remembering to put the toilet seat down causes problems in your relationships, perhaps taking said relationship dangerously close to the brink of annihilation, you may see $6,400 a small amount to pay to ensure the future happiness of your loved ones.

Although, spending $6,400 on a toilet and the subsequent un-wanting to leave it in order to get your money’s worth, could open up a whole new problem.

If you add in the heated toilet seat, a heater to warm your feet, self opening and closing lid, self cleaning bidet and a a built in radio… Oh and a touchscreen remote control to control it all with, I think there may be some people that will never want to get off.

Enjoy the promo video that thinks it’s advertising a new perfume until about 30 seconds in.

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