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God of War Review Score 100%

God of War Review

It’s not too often that a game comes out and is more or less universally praised, but with...

Day 24 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. “What time is Midnight Mass?” Strange question you would think, however many church’s schedule it for earlier in the evening now-a-days (some as early as 7pm) to allow for people with busy...

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Day 23 – nearly there

Why does Rudolph have a red nose?   There are many many theories as to why this is has occured. Evolution, reindeer alcoholism, some sort of technological advancement that makes Rudolph part cyborg or perhaps the most disturbing...

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Day 22 – Frosty

  Frosty the snowman Was a jolly happy soul With a corncob pipe And a button nose And two eyes made out of coal Frosty the snowman Is a fairy tale they say He was made of snow But the children know How he came to life one day...

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Day 19 – The Yule Log

The Yule Log   Many countries have the traditions of the Yule log. These were originally a large log/tree that was selected close to the beginning of the month of December. The idea was to bring into the house the log/tree that...

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Day 16 – Secret Santa

Oops… its a bit late (just like most of my christmas presents Tee Hee)And on that note… Have you ever done a ‘Secret Santa? If not then the concept is quite simple; usually carried out if there is a large...

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Day 14

“Oh no I missed it” 🙁 “It’s ok, technically you’ve only missed it in England. In New York it’s still 7 O’clock in the evening” “Yay… ok here it is guys” Did you...

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Day 13

There are only 6 internet shopping days left to Christmas! Of course that means that there are still 11 regular shopping days! Go shop!!

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